INSIGHTS: our capabilities

We offer a range of specialist services and bespoke solutions that are proven to support your customer focus goals and
marketing plans.

VOC: The Voice of Customer

insight-02Customer satisfaction is one of the strongest indicators of customer loyalty. By offering the Voice of Customer we help businesses to improve the customer experience with the direct line of communication with their customers.

VOC is mostly focused on helping organizations to understand and improve the day to day operations of the business to improve the customer experience with the direct line of communication with their customers.
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solutionsThis is our traditional measurement of customer experience using a pre-defined questionnaire either
in-store, via telephone or online to covertly observe performance of your front line staff. Our certified shoppers and customised questionnaires focus on key success factors for improvement, reward and recognition and is fundamentally supported by our core values.


insight-02This involves a visit by invitation, whereby our trained field agents overtly measure key areas of brand performance such as planograms, product placement, pricing, promotional activities, and presentation. Observations can be supported by photographic images and manager briefing on-site.

  • Be-spoke solutions
  • Independent
  • Validated
  • Training Focus

Customer Intercepts

Our trained field agents can also undertake face-to-face interviews of customers entering or leaving your stores to measure overall satisfaction, re-purchase or return intent, recommendations and demographics. Our goal is to collate REAL customer feedback into actionable insights.

Competitor Studies

We believe that comparing your performance to your competitors is a key component in any customer experience improvement strategy. Our covert solutions can be rolled out into your competitive environment to provide valuable benchmarking intelligence.


insight-03Our certified merchandising team can support your procurement, marketing and operations teams to
ensure accurate execution of merchandising standards and schedules.

  • Consistent POS placement
  • Correct pricing and planogram execution
  • Fulfillment and inventory management

Social Media Monitoring

insight-04Social media monitoring and related analytics can be an invaluable tool to measure ROI of branding, marketing, operational and customer oriented plans. We have a suite
of tools allowing a direct link between the voice of your customers in the social media world and your key stakeholders.

Brand Awareness Studies

Our qualified researchers measure the extent to which your brand and or product/service is recognized by potential customers in the target market.

  • Supports brand and marketing spends
  • Assists in product launch planning and execution
  • Can help in understanding the competitive landscape

Compliance Checks

Age and identification

These checks are built upon the same covert principles of mystery shopping whereby certified agents are asked to purchase certain product where regulatory restriction are in place eg liquor, cigarettes, lottery tickets. They form an unbiased view which can support your own regulatory or training process and standards.

Satisfaction Studies


Our trained researchers ask customers , franchisees or employees whether their product, service or performance has met or exceeded expectations. This intelligence is often a key component of a business’ Balanced Scorecard – a performance management strategy tool.

Experience Rating

insight-06This area of marketing research focuses on customers’ perceptions of their shopping or purchase experience.
It is designed to look beyond your standards, at customer motivators, because finding new customers is generally more costly and difficult than servicing existing or repeat business. By using experience ratings, businesses can determine the customers’ motivations, their expectations, past experiences, and gather information about their current experience. Experts work with your business to write a list of questions that will best assist in improving sales and customer service.