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Experience has told us that driving repeat business and customer loyalty is the most effective method of growing your business. We are passionate about partnering with you on this journey.


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Visiting 10,000+ QSR outlets across
130 countries every day of the year.
23,000+ stores visited each quarter
spanning 15 countries.
More than 20,000 visits across Asia, the
Caribbean & Latin America since 2009.
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Wide range of blue chips clients across
North America, Asia and Europe.
Significant experiences in Canada, the UK
and Australia for leading financial institutions.
Several key relationships with leading
telecom providers in Asia.
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Diverse retail experience – clothing,
footwear, eyewear, travel, pharmacy,
home improvement and grocery.
Numerous insights across a wide range
of travel clients.
Work across other industries and bodies
including lotteries, insurances, government
and utilities.


Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Case Studies

Preferred Global Vendor


Frontline Focus Global Solutions introduced the concept of real-time feedback and internet based reporting to a leading multi branded Fast Food chain with over 30,000 locations globally. With over 28 years of service across numerous evolutions of consumer experience measures, and a world-wide franchise partner estate, Frontline earned the title of ‘Preferred Global Vendor’ in 2003 and helped to design the global standards based program. Frontline Focus Global Solutions conducts more than 15,000 customer experience visits in 2/3 of the total international estate each month. Real-time results are reported via a secure web portal or mobile applications to all levels of the operational structure and executive teams. All recognition and performance incentives are linked to this high profile program which has become an integral part of their corporate service culture.

Focus on Franchise

Frontline Focus Global Solutions is partnering with an international Italian inspired fresh food provider to measure key customer experience elements through a mystery shopping program. With the approval of all franchise partners, the mystery shopping program is running in 36 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Franchise partners fund and support the program internationally. Frontline Focus Global Solutions supports all partners through training, reporting and two-way communication. Our Real Time website provides all users a portal through which they can access critical information about their business, share recognition of their teams and conduct online sharing of best practices and action planning.

Luxury and Decadence

We have partnered with one of the world’s largest food brand manufacturers who also operate a leading chain of ice cream shops known for prestige and decadence. After extensive research they determined that they could occupy the sole position in a niche market – called the Recognition Need State. Consumers identified with the brand based on its prestige and they wanted to be seen as ‘deserving’ to receive such luxury and decadence by being visible on premises. This changed everything about the positioning of the brand, the facilities they chose and how they delivered their products and service. We consulted with them to determine the desired outcome and helped to develop service training and customer experience measures. Piloting over 6 months in 4 international markets delivered measurable results: 15% increase in employee engagement; 16% increase in service performance; 23% increase in consumer loyalty and 15% increase in same store sales.

Consumer Pulse


A globally recognized doughnut brand required a credible measurement of its facility, product quality, and customer experience in 22 countries. We developed an on going pulse of their guest experience and a customized ‘back of house’ audit program. Frontline Focus Global Solutions is the sole global measurement provider for this chain, providing a real time, robust, online reporting system which is fully secure.


Late in 2015, we were invited by the world’s largest convenience chain with over 35,000 outlets in the International estate to tender for the Guest Experience Measurement (GEM) program across Asia and Europe. After an extensive review of our services, solutions , expertise and people we were selected to Pilot in 3 countries as the sole GEM program partner. This Pilot was successfully completed in May 2016 and we have been visiting 23,000 outlets across 15 countries on a quarterly basis. The GEM program is a customer focused initiative and involves significant validation and observations on a covert basis. Results are rolled up from store level to corporate level and areas of focus are identified each period for key stakeholders. impact03
In addition, we developed a fully customised reporting portal to support the GEM program as well as significant modifications and enhancements to our operational software to ensure a seamless delivery cycle.


We are proud to partner with a world renowned wine vintner in their Canadian retail stores. Frontline Focus Global Solutions began evaluating the brand performance, product knowledge and customer experience.
This brand was in the unique position of providing excellent service, facilities and product knowledge but had enormous opportunities to increase sales through existing channels.
By implementing a mystery shopper program, over time in a 1 year period, the ROI was transaction growth of 4%; sales growth of 6% and overall profitability by 15%.
By implementing a consumer feedback mechanism, they opened up a voice to the consumer enabling immediate consumer ‘rescue’ and suggestions for improvement. Brand loyalty is being monitored daily. By adding linked measurements to the online client dashboard the client receives 24/7 real time access to the key metrics and information at the heart of their business in a real time ‘balanced scorecard’ report.


Frontline Focus Global Solutions successfully partnered with one of the ‘Big Five’ Canadian banks for five years in a quality assurance initiative that encompassed 2000 visits per month. Frontline Focus Global Solutions provided a highly trained, certified team of merchandising agents to visit all branches during a limited, 2 day time period to change all collateral marketing materials to engage a consistent marketing message and to ensure correct and accurate placement of information – according to in-branch hardware requirements and planogram specifications. This program matched specific bank marketing campaigns and involved full, seamless integration of field merchandisers, collateral distribution centres, printers and impact05
the marketing team of the bank’s head office. This highly synchronized program became the industry standard for merchandisers in Canada.


An international automotive collision repair company required a suite of services to provide deeper insights into their business. Along with a standards based mystery shop
program we designed 5 individual surveys to measure the most significant areas of their business including Franchise Partner feedback and satisfaction, Insurance Partners, Vendor Partners, Employees, and Customers. Each survey has a uniquely defined frequency and collection method including telephone, face to face, online, and mobile surveys.We display the results of the surveys and mystery shops on an integrated, customised, real time dashboard providing ‘at a glance’ monitoring of key performance business metrics. This has been a benefit to the client at all levels of the business in improvement and decision making.